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  4. Well, I am 4 years old, 1 meter tall and weigh more than 900 tons of huge muscles and am able to lift immeasurable amounts of weights without any difficulty and effort, my penis measures 50 inches in flaccid state and 35 inches in thickness I am immeasurably intelligent, I am immeasurably resilient and I can have sex for hours, days, months and even years without getting tired, I am and always will be totally dominating, I love to crush and break my male and female slaves with my own hands and feet, and my huge penis, anything please contact me.
  5. @fokka dm me if you want to rp .. i have started a few and others have stopped in the middle so we can always pick up one of those.. all I have to do is add you to message .. or start a new one!! tell me how deviant.. evil.. brutal .. you want to get and also how many muscle beasts you want to be in the rp.. include their stats including age height weight and attitude!
  6. Please tell me more about your idea.
  7. Full Name: Lucas Zianko Bliancho Parent (s) or guardian (s): Eduardo Bliancho Male gender Age (must be between 7 and 18 years old) 7 years old Lucas inherited a mutation from his father who is considered a true God of Infinite Power, this mutation is only found in the male sexual chromosome of the Bliancho family, this mutation is responsible for Lucas of this his birth already possessing a frighteningly developed musculature and free of any fat, his strength is immeasurable, he has already been seen crushing a solid steel block of more than one meter with his bare hands and without any effort, that same mutation is also responsible for the huge and immeasurable intellect of Lucas, making him a genius and domineering for the women of his family. Now at age 7 and responsible for sending her older sister to the hospital for nearly killing her 27-year-old sister, his parents decided to send the super son to this camp for Super Muscled and Infinitely Mighty Boys so that Lucas can be the monster he is with other monsters like him. Hair color: White Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Bluegreen Height: 1.40 meters Muscle Size: Herculean PS If you have any questions please message me and it will probably be a real story being posted this beyond the dramatization. Thank you! Sorry for the spelling and grammatical errors, English is not my first language.
  8. Hi, my name is Lucas and I'm only 4 years old but my friends and my sexual slaves call me Fokka, I never raised weight, but I'm very strong, I have a sister older than me, she has nowadays 25 years of old, she's a bodybuilder and one of the strongest women in the world, but at home I've always humiliated her, I love playing fight with her, I love knocking her down and holding her hands on the floor with just one hand of mine while I flex my arm free showing that my male child muscles that have never even lifted a weight are already much larger and more powerful than her trained female muscles will ever be able to match, after that she began to stimulate me to lift the light weights that are for her heavy weights, but to me they are pathetically mild.
  9. Some of the following steps have already been implemented on this forum in order to improve the security of the contents and the members of this community: 1. The forum software has gone through a complete software upgrade to the newest, latest version. 2. The current theme has been replaced with a newer, cleaner theme. 3. Admin passwords are encrypted and stored in a secured password management application. 4. Forum titles have been abbreviated for clarity and readability. 5. Certain types of content (eg. morphs and artwork) have been backed up off-site and in the cloud for safe-keeping. 6. More steps are being taken to regularly backup the membership list and the posted content. More steps will be taken to ensure the security and integrity of this forum and its contents.
  10. @Sithspawn I just might. I'll have to go through my saved stories.
  11. @Rippedstud79 If you've got any of the stories from the unfiltered section saved you could always post them on here
  12. Last week
  13. Welcome aboard! Hoping you'll stick around here for a long, long time. Hoping to see many postings by you!
  14. Oh Scriptboy, I am so glad I found this link from the forum. I reached for your profile because every since the breach I have been unhappy with the content of the forum. The removal of the unfiltered section left me feeling lost. I loved the stories of young muscle super strong teens, etc... I'm not much of a role player but enjoy reading. I hope there are stories much like there were from the unfiltered section. You and I have had small conversations before about your stories and how I've enjoyed them. Thank you for what you have said in the above statement, I couldn't agree more. Thanks scriptboy Rippedstud79 (George)
  15. The chatbox has been removed because it was incompatible with the latest version of the forum software. It will be added as soon as I find a newer version which works with the new software release.
  16. 2nd to gymnastics...boy wrestling seems to muscle up a young stud faster than anything...
  17. Still would like yo get in a few role plays ‼️💪🥊👍
  18. Neutral


    Hello, yes is titled this Mussel instead of Muscle. This is because this rolplay I have in mind takes place in a fictional Rhode Island town of Mussel. In this rolplay your a new kid that’s moved here from where ever you want. My character is your looking for romance would be a cute twink named Adrian van Buren and if you want a muscle jock to go toe to toe with he would be Lewis Greyblack. Your charector would be a muscle bound guy with the characteristics and traits you chose. Everything about your character is up to you. The story can go down multiple paths but would be preferable a long roleplay. All stories will start with your characters first day at Roger Williams High School, home of Murphy the Mussel. Principal Smith will call in of your choosing Adrian or Lewis and I’ll show you around the school and answers any questions you may have of the town or charector and the story will continue on from there. A whole town is wating to be explored and chreated for the stories with chatectors to fill them with. Themes in the story can be anything physically challenging. Your character and Lewis are crazy muscular for there ages. Sexual themes are allowed but do know Adrian is a bottom and Lewis is a top. Town flag of Mussel
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  20. fine,well muscled rump...
  21. ilm19

    Lorenzo Becker JO

    Version 1.0.0


    Lorenzo Becker jacking off
  22. Version 1.0.0


    Original Wikimedia caption: English: My brother 12yo Florian has a myostatin disorder (also known as double-muscle disorder), in this video he is showing his biceps which are already about 36cm / 14". He does not do any exercises. Deutsch: Mein 12 jahre alter Bruder Florian mit Mystatin Disorder (verursacht doppeltes natürliches Muskel wachstum und ist sehr selten). In dem Video zeigt er seine Oberarme / Bizeps welche schon fast 36cm umfang haben. Er hebt keine Gewichte und übt andere Sportarten aus welche direkt das Muskelwachstum begünstigen.
  23. this is a suggestion for those who like voice chat some phone party lines based in the USA they have people who like muscle and role play you can find them Manhole 7124324545 the free chat line 7124325700
  24. Thanks for the updates! And no rush on the theme: It's not illegible, just slightly taxing for those of us with geriatric eyeballs! 😀
  25. Hi RPJ, Yes, photos can be included in the "Artwork and Morphs" thread as well as under the "Young Muscle-Growth" which is supposed to be the same as the old "unfiltered" section on MG. I got this theme in a rush since the old "Dark" theme was outdated and was no longer working properly on the forum. I'll look around for another "Light" theme to add to the themes so you have a choice to switch between light background (usually white) with black text and dark background and light-colored text. Forum themes are usually not free, by the way. I have to pay for them. Thankfully, they're not expensive. Give me a few days to find one.
  26. Agreed. Quick question: I see sections for "artwork" and "videos." Is the former understood to include "photos" or are we staying away from pix? Just curious. Thanks in advance for your feedback.
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