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    Roleplayer forum Update – February 2019 Security and other upcoming site changes In light of the major security and data breach at muscle-growth.org I wanted to discuss the following with the members of this forum and open up a dialog in order to see where this forum will go from here, moving forward and how we can protect the integrity of the data that is posted here now and what will be posted on here in the coming weeks. “Unfiltered” Content There is no unfiltered content section on this forum. I always hated this division on the MG forum since it was implemented in order to appease a few members on that forum who hated that content. A few who wanted to dictate the layout and content distribution for thousands. This division led to major disagreements among the members leading to the closure of the original Evolution Forum back in April 2014. This gave way to the launch of the MG forum in the current form. But, once again, a few members were set on deleting the unfiltered section for thousands of registered members. The Head Admin finally caved after the forum got hacked following a security breach where hackers themselves deleted all the “unfiltered” content themselves. Unbelievable. This is nothing but digital terrorism. Freedom of Speech So, the big question of the day is: Who is running the show here? Do we allow hackers, especially Russian ones, to determine what we can and cannot post on our web forums? Really? Ever watched CNN lately? Do we allow hackers to interfere in our Presidential elections? I don’t think so! So, should we allow hackers to determine which content we post and which content we remove from our websites? Worse even, should we allow hackers to alter, edit, censor, and delete OUR CONTENT from OUR websites? This is a gross violation of the First Amendment in my book. The day hackers determine what we post is the day I delete and close my forum. We make backups. We have security. If things go wrong, we re-post our stuff, no matter WHAT the content is. NO hacker determines what I post on MY forum. Imagine! It is a sad day when forum administrators give in to the demands and actions of rogue, foreign hackers and allow outsiders to determine which content gets saved and which content gets removed from a private web forum. Unacceptable. Moving forward There are some “adult grown men” on the MG forum who need to have their heads examined. Or, they need to come to a gym occasionally. Or visit a school. Young men these days are bigger, taller and stronger. Going to the gym used to be expensive just a few decades ago. A gym was only for elite athletes who were playing for a school’s sport. Things have changed since then. Now, everyone can work out in a gym. I work at a gym and I see this every day. So, was there illegal content on the MG forum? No, absolutely NOT. A morph of a kid with big muscles is not illegal. Nothing wrong with that. A picture of a teen bodybuilder? No, why? Because he’s under 18? So, guys under 18 aren’t allowed to lift weights? Are you kidding me? I see them every day! What about stories about kids or teens becoming strong and muscular? Every read comic books? Ever heard of Teen Titans, Superboy, Batman and Robin? Get real! Wake up! Go to a bookstore for a change! These super-teens have been around for decades! What’s the problem? I will review the structure of the roleplayer-forum and I will discuss any changes and improvements with my staff. Anyone who has input or suggestions is welcome to contact me. There will be changes, I just don’t know what will change right now. It’s a small forum but it needs some upkeep and improvements. Obviously, we want to prevent security breaches as well. Artists and writers who want to post their content on here are free to do so. Please contact me if you have questions.
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    Some of the following steps have already been implemented on this forum in order to improve the security of the contents and the members of this community: 1. The forum software has gone through a complete software upgrade to the newest, latest version. 2. The current theme has been replaced with a newer, cleaner theme. 3. Admin passwords are encrypted and stored in a secured password management application. 4. Forum titles have been abbreviated for clarity and readability. 5. Certain types of content (eg. morphs and artwork) have been backed up off-site and in the cloud for safe-keeping. 6. More steps are being taken to regularly backup the membership list and the posted content. More steps will be taken to ensure the security and integrity of this forum and its contents.
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    I agree that we should not allow the views of the few dictate what is posted here. I don't understand why we should have to cater to them just because they don't like something. If you don't want to look at or read something then DON'T but don't tell us what we can post or can't post. Scriptboy please keep up the good work and if there is anything that I can do to help here or on the other forum let me know.
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    We will sit down and discuss next steps for implementing security and fortifying the forum content and members. This forum has been neglected since it was launched and that time is now over. Also, if more people want to post their content here, I will be asking for some funds via donation by way of Paypal or Patreon since I have been funding the hosting of this forum on my own for years. Time to get some support for this project. I do not have the time or resources to implement changes right this minute but I'll work towards making changes in the near future which will benefit everyone in the long run.
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    Thanks for the updates! And no rush on the theme: It's not illegible, just slightly taxing for those of us with geriatric eyeballs! 😀
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    Hear, hear Scriptboy! I applaud your courage and no-nonsense approach to this situation. I agree with everything you say. Now, the job will be to try and attract others to this forum, and to enjoy things like the amazing kid musclemorphs of YouthMuscle/MuddyRoger and others. I posted a comment on the Muscle-growth Discord server, bringing attention to YM's posting here, and it was immediately deleted by one of their moderators. Boo!
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    Looking for a musclestud who has been working out since he was 6yo
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    @Rippedstud79 If you've got any of the stories from the unfiltered section saved you could always post them on here
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    Welcome aboard! Hoping you'll stick around here for a long, long time. Hoping to see many postings by you!
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    Oh Scriptboy, I am so glad I found this link from the forum. I reached for your profile because every since the breach I have been unhappy with the content of the forum. The removal of the unfiltered section left me feeling lost. I loved the stories of young muscle super strong teens, etc... I'm not much of a role player but enjoy reading. I hope there are stories much like there were from the unfiltered section. You and I have had small conversations before about your stories and how I've enjoyed them. Thank you for what you have said in the above statement, I couldn't agree more. Thanks scriptboy Rippedstud79 (George)
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    Thanks! This forum has been neglected for the last 3 years because I've been super occupied taking care of the "other" place. I'm devoting some more time to this place so it's a bit shocking! There is more work to be done around here, but this is a start. Just think of this like the backyard that was un-kept for years. Time to do some yardwork!
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    Of course I also totally agree with everything you said Scriptboy. There is absolutely nothing wrong with images of muscular teenagers and those narrow-minded individuals who object should not be allowed to dictate to the rest of us. However, suggestive images which exaggerate the genitalia should be avoided for obvious reasons. I think Alivandux created a few that fit that description, so such images would be inviting condemnation even though they're not strictly illegal. We all know that pubescent teenagers are sexually active, but I think it would be wise to disallow any sexually suggestive images ... AND comments ... unless the image is CLEARLY of legal age. As I understand it the hacker gained administrative access to the MG forum via a staff member's password so I assume you will be taking steps to avoid that happening here.
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    In light of the recent events at muscle-growth.org, I just wanted to say that I will extend a warm welcome to authors, writers and artists who are now finding themselves without a home. Please PM me if you need help in deciding where to post your content. Thanks.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Full flexing video. First half is Sergey, with Andrey at the second half.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Part of a future transformation video with our favorite muscle kid!
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    Version 1.0.0


    The most muscular kid ❤️
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