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    Some of the following steps have already been implemented on this forum in order to improve the security of the contents and the members of this community: 1. The forum software has gone through a complete software upgrade to the newest, latest version. 2. The current theme has been replaced with a newer, cleaner theme. 3. Admin passwords are encrypted and stored in a secured password management application. 4. Forum titles have been abbreviated for clarity and readability. 5. Certain types of content (eg. morphs and artwork) have been backed up off-site and in the cloud for safe-keeping. 6. More steps are being taken to regularly backup the membership list and the posted content. More steps will be taken to ensure the security and integrity of this forum and its contents.
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    Looking for a musclestud who has been working out since he was 6yo
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    @Rippedstud79 If you've got any of the stories from the unfiltered section saved you could always post them on here
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    Welcome aboard! Hoping you'll stick around here for a long, long time. Hoping to see many postings by you!
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    Oh Scriptboy, I am so glad I found this link from the forum. I reached for your profile because every since the breach I have been unhappy with the content of the forum. The removal of the unfiltered section left me feeling lost. I loved the stories of young muscle super strong teens, etc... I'm not much of a role player but enjoy reading. I hope there are stories much like there were from the unfiltered section. You and I have had small conversations before about your stories and how I've enjoyed them. Thank you for what you have said in the above statement, I couldn't agree more. Thanks scriptboy Rippedstud79 (George)
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