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  1. @fokka dm me if you want to rp .. i have started a few and others have stopped in the middle so we can always pick up one of those.. all I have to do is add you to message .. or start a new one!! tell me how deviant.. evil.. brutal .. you want to get and also how many muscle beasts you want to be in the rp.. include their stats including age height weight and attitude!
  2. Still would like yo get in a few role plays ‼️💪🥊👍
  3. Are there other options for chatting and talking to the members on this forum other than Discord? Sorry to say but it is a bit complex for me.. I am not tech savy at all.
  4. I have found many interesting roleplay partners since joining.. Everyone is very unique and have broadened my likes. I like roleplays that involve a lot of physical muscle challenges.. I like characters who are pretten to early 20's. All characters are in good physical condition, lean to massive muscled, all solid. I like testing muscle to the limits and beyond so wrestling, boxing, pummeling, kicking, stomping and trampling are all likes.. Muscle worship is cool too. Other things that I do not mind are multiple muscle guys against just one, choking, binding, suspension, and every once in awhile saliva and spitting and breath control. Things that are a no go for me are any sexual acts, playing with a guys balls and cocks, spanking or paddling. Alpha males with evil sadistic minds and massive muscles taking out their inner most evil and brutal thoughts on others is fine. Also open to new things.. almost anything of the physical nature...
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