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  1. Shall I delete it ?

    1. Winfried köhler

      Winfried köhler

      Please, let yor picture her. Every one know, I have only send it 


    2. AshleyBlond


      The above ReadyForStage-1.jpg is not my image, but Swimmer_2-1.jpg took many hours of work so it's a bit mean to remove my signature, however it's OK to leave it posted.

    3. Winfried köhler

      Winfried köhler

      Thank youPlease, let yor picture her. Every one know, I have only send it 

  2. Very young morphed young muscleboys reaby to rumble !

  3. Very good ! What Do you mean about my last picture. Is it really too much sexy?


    1. Winfried köhler

      Winfried köhler

      I posted it to Google Plus.  That  was a Mistake.  I think, Google are old woman from 1900. They Cannot believe, that treamboys existiert.  

       Was about Tisch dream foto Banner lift long. 



  4. Sorry, I was disordery. Sorry, sorry. Sorry!

  5. Please let us send pictures of muscle kidds


    In your Story,  im a little musclekid, like leotard, even i must fight again other muscle bodybuilder hard kids









    1. Winfried köhler

      Winfried köhler

      You are a dream musclekid. Your bicecs are so big. Your muscular big legs are so sexy, my cock gets hard 

      Your whole body is so muscle,  I can only say... Please squeeze me with your muscle bodybuilder hard muscular body to my body. With your hard legs squeeze my head. 

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