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  1. The grey text is a bit difficult to read. I think white would be easier.
  2. The new look was a bit of a shock at first, but I'm getting to like it ... a lot There's a bit of a learning curve now to figure out where everything is, and there's a bit more scrolling involved to get to where I want to go, but I really like the orange on black scheme. Thanks for all of your hard work and let's hope the evil bastards won't be able to break in and wreak havoc like before. 🥇
  3. Of course I also totally agree with everything you said Scriptboy. There is absolutely nothing wrong with images of muscular teenagers and those narrow-minded individuals who object should not be allowed to dictate to the rest of us. However, suggestive images which exaggerate the genitalia should be avoided for obvious reasons. I think Alivandux created a few that fit that description, so such images would be inviting condemnation even though they're not strictly illegal. We all know that pubescent teenagers are sexually active, but I think it would be wise to disallow any sexually suggestive images ... AND comments ... unless the image is CLEARLY of legal age. As I understand it the hacker gained administrative access to the MG forum via a staff member's password so I assume you will be taking steps to avoid that happening here.
  4. Shall I delete it ?

    1. Winfried köhler

      Winfried köhler

      Please, let yor picture her. Every one know, I have only send it 


    2. AshleyBlond


      The above ReadyForStage-1.jpg is not my image, but Swimmer_2-1.jpg took many hours of work so it's a bit mean to remove my signature, however it's OK to leave it posted.

    3. Winfried köhler

      Winfried köhler

      Thank youPlease, let yor picture her. Every one know, I have only send it 

  5. Very young morphed young muscleboys reaby to rumble !

  6. Hey, Ashley, I just finished The Casting Couch, Epilogue and all.

    1. AshleyBlond


      I loved every word and felt quite choked up at the end.

      An incredible piece of writing, thank you. :)

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