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  1. this is a suggestion for those who like voice chat some phone party lines based in the USA they have people who like muscle and role play you can find them Manhole 7124324545 the free chat line 7124325700
  2. Whenever you're on

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    2. muscleboy81


      when are you usualy on buddy 


    3. wikoe1


      Denke du bist ein richtige muskelmann

    4. clyde


      muscle boy like that would wrestle

  3. Just found this site and figuring out how to connect with guys on it ... the rp aspect is pretty coool...saw your profile, do you make the photos in your pofille and gallery?

    1. muscleboy81


      No i did not. Mainly photos are from young muscle. Script boy made this site 

    2. gargieux


      Still cool ... looking forwrd to exploring the possibilities

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