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Tim and David - Pt. 1

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Part 1 of a hopefully continuous role play between me and MadDog. Enjoy.

MadDog/Bribear1042 RP – Tim and David, pt. 1

MadDog: David was driving home from his out-of-state college. He'd been gone for a whole year without seeing his family in person, even for holidays. He said he wanted to begin his own independence and his parents allowed it. That meant he also hadn't seen his little brother for a whole year, too. They'd talked on Facebook, of course, to keep in touch, but it wasn't the same. They were fairly close and David actually liked the kid. It was going to be fun to bond with him again over the summer. He brushed his brown hair away from his eyes as he pulled into the driveway and unpacked his car, struggling to carry all his bags up to the front door as he knocked on it.

bribear1042: Timmy, or Tim as he preferred to be called nowadays, was eagerly anticipating his brother's return from college for the summer. Tim missed David; they had a great relationship. He took it pretty hard when David broached the topic of independence with their parents. Being only 11, Tim couldn't comprehend why David didn't want to come home, after all Tim was there.

bribear1042: Tim was so hurt by David's betrayal to their relationship, he needed to find an outlet to expel all the rage he felt inaside. He thought about doing some activity that would keep his mind off David but also turn his rage into something productive. He thought for weeks, evebn tried a few things, but nothing felt right and nothing was coming to him. Until Steve, his 6th grade neighbor, invited him to a sleepover and when Tim got to Steve's house,  Steve's brother, Brad (who was 3 years older than Steve and Tim) was working out in their garage. Tim asked, "What are doing Brad?" "I'm lifting weights fucktard. Get the hell out of here," Brad responded rudely. Tim thought to himself, 'What the hell is wrong with Brad? He never acts like this. He's usually very quiet and nice.'

MadDog: David waited for a moment but didn't hear anyone respond, so he tried opening the door and saw that it was unlocked. "Mom, Dad, Timmy, I'm home!" he said, carrying his bags in with a struggle. The house smelled... different than he remembered. There was a spicy sorta sweaty smell. It was kinda weird, honestly. Not fresh-smelling... but not bad, either. Kinda... made his cock twitch, David thought to himself. He began carrying one of his bags up to his room, wondering where everyone was.

bribear1042: Tim heard the front door open. He was down in the basement; it was chest day. He was in the middle of his third set of bench presses out his usual 6 sets. 'David knows where things are. He'll be ok if I finish my workout. I still have cable flys and lat pulldowns to do,' Tim thought. Plus Tim wanted David to have the ultimate surprise when he finally did see him. Tim was not the skinny little 11 year old little brother he was when David decided to be all adult like. Well Timmy decided to be all adult like too, thus the name change and adult like response to David's departure. He didn't even want David to find him in the basement. Luckily, the bench press is a rather silent activity.

MadDog: David lugged all his luggage up to his room and began unpacking, wondering why the front door had been unlocked if no one was home... For some reason that spicy smell from earlier had gotten stronger as he went upstairs, concentrated near his little brother's room. He wondered what that was about, if the lil' guy finally needed to start using deodorant, he thought to himself with a chuckle. Finally, after everything was put away, he went back downstairs to the living room and turned on the TV, relaxing in his home the way he always had, unsuspecting of the feats of strength being accomplished just below him!

MadDog: David was glad to be home and away from school, to be honest. College hadn't gone the way he thought it would. He wasn't very popular and the classes were really difficult. He'd actually gotten a D in the intro class for the major he had been pursuing, which had been pretty hard. Part of him had been glad not to come home so he didn't have to confront his family with the fact that he wasn't thriving very well away from home, after he'd made a big deal about wanting to be independent, so he was grateful that they welcomed the idea of him coming home for the summer with open arms.

MadDog: He didn't even know if he'd be going back to school in the fall, to be honest. There wasn't anyone or anything waiting for him back there. At least at home, he knew he was surrounded by people who loved him. Like Timmy. He had no clue how hard it had actually affected his little bro, having been too excited by the prospect of leaving home to notice the stress it was putting on poor Timmy.

MadDog: He and Timmy had been close before he'd left. It was surprising to others, because of the age gap, but David had always looked out for Timmy, chasing bullies away or teaching him how to ride a bike. They would often take long walks in the woods behind their house, talking about everything and nothing, sharing deeply between them. It was the most intimate relationship David had in his life, if he really sat down and thought about it.

bribear1042: Tim was finishing his chest work out, completely muderlizing his pecs and lats. After his lat pull downs, he got up from the bench and realized he had a boner, " Fuck," he said out loud, cogniznat not to raise his voice too loud out of fear of being detected. 'This is happening so much lately. I'm obviously going through puberty because of this muscle I'm putting on but this is ridiculuous. I just jacked off an hour ago before my work out to avoid this predicament. Looks like I have to take care of this before I do anything else.' Tim lowered his briefs to his ankles and started to stroke. He needed to think of something inticing so he could just cum and get back to lifting. It didn't take long for David's image to pop in his head. However, he wasn't getting off on David for his looks.

MadDog: If there was only one thing that David had kept secret from his brother, it was his sexuality. He was gay and even he wasn't fully comfortable with what that meant yet. He had made tentative moves to go the LGBT alliance at college, but he was so intimidated he left five minutes after joining the first meeting. He was used to just stroking himself to muscle mags he furtively bought at convenience stores two towns over and looking at muscle porn on his laptop late at night when he thought his roommate was asleep.

MadDog: He didn't know what his brother would think about his cool big bro being gay. Timmy was at that age where boys called things "gay because" they thought they were stupid... maybe Timmy would start to think David was stupid. He thought about all this as he channel surfed and came upon ESPN showing a bodybuilding show.

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I like it so far, I hope there is more coming! I'd love to see how big and strong Tim is now and how big and strong he can get, seems he takes his working out seriously, especially for an 11 year old kid. I'm looking forward to seeing the relationship between Tim and David progress when David realizes (hopefully sooner rather than later) that Tim may be the younger brother, but he isn't the weaker, smaller brother.

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On 3/14/2018 at 6:33 AM, Ro20316 said:

was there ever an end to this rp?

If you want to continue this let me know..

i would love to be Timmy..!!

if you or anyone else wants to be David.. respond to this and message me!!

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